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  • Isabella Gardner Museum: A trip to Venice in Boston

    Isabella Gardner Museum: A trip to Venice in Boston

    If I had to choose a favorite among the museums in Boston, I’d choose the The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, modeled after a Venetian palazzo. Every corner of the museum tells a story or reveals a treasure. The experience is unique–allowing you to see the artistic vision of a fascinating woman who was ahead of […]

  • A Walk Around Harvard Yard

    A Walk Around Harvard Yard

    I enjoy walking around Harvard Yard, admiring each building as it takes on a different hue with every passing season. Winters are an especially beautiful time to walk around the campus with no lines of eager visitors waiting to rub the famous gleaming shoe on John Harvard’s statue. I try to imagine the yard in […]

  • A Palace for Book Lovers

    A Palace for Book Lovers

    If I had to choose a library anywhere in the world, the Boston Public Library is my hands-down favorite. As a student, I spent many hours here, studying, seeking shelter from the biting cold and admiring its architectural wonders. Adding to its iconic stature is its central location in Copley Square and its distinction as […]

  • Make Way for the Ducklings

    Make Way for the Ducklings

    Long after our children have grown up, some books we read to them remain with us. Make way for Ducklings written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey is one of my favorites. Every time I walk around Boston Common, I’m excited to see these ducklings, dressed in seasonally themed attire. Nancy Schön’s sculpture is a tribute […]

  • Literary walk, Central Park

    Literary walk, Central Park

    Often described as the only straight line in Central Park, the promenade along the literary walk provides a leisurely stroll among rare and majestic American Elm trees. On this visit, during the pandemic, there were no artists painting caricatures; no buskers playing tunes; no hot dog vendors and no throngs of tourists. It was just […]

  • The Beauty of Design

    The Beauty of Design

    Why is design important? It makes our life better! A beautiful design is pleasing to the eye, simplifies our tasks and improves our everyday life. Here are some products that I believe are well-designed because they improve my life everyday.