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  • Isabella Gardner Museum: A trip to Venice in Boston

    Isabella Gardner Museum: A trip to Venice in Boston

    If I had to choose a favorite among the museums in Boston, I’d choose the The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, modeled after a Venetian palazzo. Every corner of the museum tells a story or reveals a treasure. The experience is unique–allowing you to see the artistic vision of a fascinating woman who was ahead of […]

  • A Walk Around Harvard Yard

    A Walk Around Harvard Yard

    I enjoy walking around Harvard Yard, admiring each building as it takes on a different hue with every passing season. Winters are an especially beautiful time to walk around the campus with no lines of eager visitors waiting to rub the famous gleaming shoe on John Harvard’s statue. I try to imagine the yard in […]

  • Newburyport: Quintessential New England

    Newburyport: Quintessential New England

    With unique brick facades reminiscent of another era, the quaint downtown of Newburyport makes it a perfect New England town to visit in any season. Newburyport is a historical seaport with many attractions. Whether you enjoy the restaurants or spend all your time shopping in the cute stores around downtown, you will feel pulled into […]

  • A Palace for Book Lovers

    A Palace for Book Lovers

    If I had to choose a library anywhere in the world, the Boston Public Library is my hands-down favorite. As a student, I spent many hours here, studying, seeking shelter from the biting cold and admiring its architectural wonders. Adding to its iconic stature is its central location in Copley Square and its distinction as […]

  • What’s in a name?

    What’s in a name?

    Hamnet Shakespeare died at age 11, but scarcely anything was recorded about the boy’s life. Through her poignant and lyrical storytelling, Maggie O’Farrell breathes life into this long-forgotten tale. I started the book with hesitation, not wanting to be overwhelmed by the tragedy of a boy’s early death. I am glad I read it–the book’s […]

  • American Story

    American Story

    Among the many fascinating places worth visiting in Washington DC, the Library of Congress is one of my favorites. This is the world’s largest library, with an amazing collection of over 171 million books, recordings, photographs, newspapers, maps and manuscripts. Every title copyrighted in the U.S. makes its way into the library. Set in this […]

  • A Perfumed Garden Springs to Life

    A Perfumed Garden Springs to Life

    Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum is a jewel in the Emerald Necklace park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. A treasure right in the heart of Boston, it includes rare trees from all over the world. On this beautiful, sunny morning, we were greeted by the sweet smell and soothing lavender, purple, white and pink colors […]

  • Make Way for the Ducklings

    Make Way for the Ducklings

    Long after our children have grown up, some books we read to them remain with us. Make way for Ducklings written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey is one of my favorites. Every time I walk around Boston Common, I’m excited to see these ducklings, dressed in seasonally themed attire. Nancy Schön’s sculpture is a tribute […]

  • By the Book, The Patient Assassin

    By the Book, The Patient Assassin

    When I think back to my visit to Amritsar a few years ago, there are three things that come to mind. The serene beauty of the Golden Temple, the mouth-watering rich food and the poignant visit to Jallianwala Bagh, the site of the horrific massacre of innocent people during the British Raj. On April 13, […]

  • A Rock for the Ages

    A Rock for the Ages

    There are many ways to describe Plymouth– America’s Hometown, the place of the first Thanksgiving, the land of freedom for the Pilgrims, and the Mayflower destination point. There is a lot of debate on the legitimacy of all of these stories that have become a part of the lore surrounding Plymouth and the Pilgrims. There […]