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  • Isabella Gardner Museum: A trip to Venice in Boston

    Isabella Gardner Museum: A trip to Venice in Boston

    If I had to choose a favorite among the museums in Boston, I’d choose the The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, modeled after a Venetian palazzo. Every corner of the museum tells a story or reveals a treasure. The experience is unique–allowing you to see the artistic vision of a fascinating woman who was ahead of […]

  • What’s in a name?

    What’s in a name?

    Hamnet Shakespeare died at age 11, but scarcely anything was recorded about the boy’s life. Through her poignant and lyrical storytelling, Maggie O’Farrell breathes life into this long-forgotten tale. I started the book with hesitation, not wanting to be overwhelmed by the tragedy of a boy’s early death. I am glad I read it–the book’s […]

  • American Story

    American Story

    Among the many fascinating places worth visiting in Washington DC, the Library of Congress is one of my favorites. This is the world’s largest library, with an amazing collection of over 171 million books, recordings, photographs, newspapers, maps and manuscripts. Every title copyrighted in the U.S. makes its way into the library. Set in this […]

  • A walk in the park

    A walk in the park

    After a cup of aromatic coffee at Maiya’s restaurant, the flavor still lingering, I walk along the side streets of Jayanagar. Since the planners laid the foundation in 1948, this community has survived enormous growth and an influx of residents. Small single family homes have been converted to large structures with tall compound walls to […]

  • Welcome to cardamom.design

    Welcome to cardamom.design

    I write, I design conversations and I tell stories. I’m Deepa. My life’s journey has taken me from a childhood amidst cardamom plantations in the Malnad hills to snowy winters in New England, followed by a hectic life working for a technology company in Florida. Then, as a mother of twin girls, I immersed myself […]