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  • What’s in a name?

    What’s in a name?

    Hamnet Shakespeare died at age 11, but scarcely anything was recorded about the boy’s life. Through her poignant and lyrical storytelling, Maggie O’Farrell breathes life into this long-forgotten tale. I started the book with hesitation, not wanting to be overwhelmed by the tragedy of a boy’s early death. I am glad I read it–the book’s […]

  • Longfellow House

    Longfellow House

    The early morning sun brightened the light yellow of the Longfellow House, and the scattered autumn leaves paid homage to the poet’s statue. Longfellow wrote ”Paul Revere’s Ride” while living here. The house is also famous because it was George Washington’s headquarters during the 1775-1776 Siege of Boston. “The Rainy Day” (1842) The day is […]

  • Welcome to cardamom.design

    Welcome to cardamom.design

    I write, I design conversations and I tell stories. I’m Deepa. My life’s journey has taken me from a childhood amidst cardamom plantations in the Malnad hills to snowy winters in New England, followed by a hectic life working for a technology company in Florida. Then, as a mother of twin girls, I immersed myself […]