By the book..Bad Blood

Bad Blood, the gripping tale of Theranos, proves that fact is often stranger than fiction. Charismatic characters, greed, and drama all come together in this exciting book. Much has been written about this book, about Silicon Valley’s blind love for its CEO and all the drama that followed. I was in awe of the author John Carreyrou and the Wall Street Journal for pursuing this story.

John Carreyrou’s relentless reporting shines a light on the continued importance of investigative journalism. Reduced budgets and the ever-shortening news cycle have made it difficult for newspapers and magazines to pursue investigative journalism. Publications like the Wall Street Journal that stand behind their investigative reporters provide a service that is much needed in our world today.

When you think about the whole process, from the first tip to news in print, it is a long road. It takes hours of research, vetting different kinds of sources and winning their confidence. If an investigative reporter is lucky, he finds good sources. At any point a source can fall through, destroying months of hard work. Intimidation in the form of threats and lawsuits are commonplace.

I was so inspired by the ideals of investigative journalism that I recently watched Spotlight and The Post. For those of you who want to read about investigative stories over the years, here’s the link on the Pulitzer page.

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