Riding the Cape Cod Rail Trail

A rail trail that stretches for 22 miles across Cape Cod provides a blissful experience across towns of Dennis, Harwish, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet. We rode along beautiful paths and fabulous vistas as the sweet smell of honeysuckle and the greenery boosted our mood.

The tracks were laid in 1848 between Boston and Sandwich, when Cape Cod was isolated. The railroad brought in visitors from New York and Connecticut and other parts of Massachusetts.

The rail’s importance decreased after the bridges over Cape Cod canal opened in 1935 and the popularity of the trains decreased, and the tracks were gradually torn down. As you cycle down, you can try to spot remnants of the rail days. Maybe a sign from an old station.

Sagamore Bridge

As you cycle or walk along, there are plenty of places to can take a break, click some pictures, have a picnic or even stop by for some sweet treats.

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